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Can Technology Help You Personalize Your Company’s Content?

Can Technology Help You Personalize Your Company’s Content?

By | 01.29.16
Can Technology Help You Personalize Your Company’s Content?

As an increasing number of brands enter the marketplace to fight for the same customer dollars, marketers are constantly tasked with finding new ways to give their company the edge in reaching consumers. Among a variety of other items in the virtual tool belt, personalization can be critical. Unfortunately, personalization of brand messaging isn’t always straightforward or efficient.

Until now.

In September 2015, Econsultancy decided to study client-side marketer attitudes about personalization. Their findings revealed that technology may be their strongest ally in the fight to personalize:

  • Technology makes personalization at scale easier – 76%
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) is necessary for personalization – 42%
  • Personalization is less important than contextualization – 41%
  • Personalization requires a completely unique experience for the customer – 21%.

Not only was technology touted as the most important factor for personalization in this survey, but it also had the smallest amount of dissenters of any answer provided, garnering only four percent. Only 21% of respondents chose to remain neutral on the subject of technology’s link to personalization at scale.

This is a vastly different case from the second item on the list, personally identifiable information. Though 42% agreed that it was necessary, 39% chose to remain neutral on the subject. As far as the fight over contextualization versus personalization, a whooping 52% of respondents had no real opinion on the matter. So, while not everyone is sold on the idea of personalization, the overwhelming majority of those surveyed are looking for ways to implement it in their marketing plans.

It’s also important to note that while one-fifth of the respondents believed only a 100% unique experience for the consumer would count as personalization, nearly 50% of respondents outright disagreed and roughly one-third had no opinion either way, making it clear that any level of personalization is better than none.

These findings reinforce the June 2015 research by the CMO Council. In this study, respondents were asked about the benefits of enriched and personalized content:

  • Higher engagement/response rates – 56%
  • More timely/relevant interactions – 47%
  • Increased customer affinity/word of mouth – 44%
  • More customer conversion – 43%
  • More persuasive/clear communication – 43%
  • Differentiation of brand from competition – 40%
  • Higher loyalty/retention – 40%
  • Better brand recognition – 39%
  • Attracts more prospects – 38%
  • More compelling brand narrative – 37%
  • Stronger millennial appeal – 28%
  • Other – 2%.

Based on this lengthy list of benefits for personalization of marketing content, it’s worth looking for ways to provide customers with a more unique experience than they currently receive—especially if you’re able to leverage technology to make it more feasible.


eMarketer. Technology Helps to Personalize at Scale. January 26, 2016.

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