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Why Buyers Delay Buying

Why Buyers Delay Buying

Why Buyers Delay Buying

Why Buyers Delay BuyingSure, there are some times when a buyer can’t make a decision. However, there are plenty of other times when the buyer is simply trying to delay making a decision to get a better deal. This is especially true of those professional buyers who work with plenty of salespeople all the time. Why would they make a quick decision if they don’t have to? They think that by waiting, salespeople will get nervous, and make them a better deal.

When the salespeople get nervous, they fear the deal is going south, they immediately offer a price reduction, and that’s just what the buyer was waiting for. That’s a reason that many of these professional buyers ignore phone calls emails and other communications from salespeople, they know it makes them nervous.

Here’s what the salesperson sees in these exchanges. Salespeople love to close sales, and they love to close sales quickly. They like to be able to understand and rationalize what’s happening and what’s not happening, such as understanding why the buyer needs to buy from them and what they’re selling will help them achieve their needs and objectives. This helps them keep negative thinking out of their mental attitude, and that’s extremely important to their success.

That’s because when the salesperson starts to think negatively, or that the sale may not happen, they start to think that the only way to save it is to lower the price or offer something extra. When this happens, two things occur. First, it lets the buyer know that delaying the decision making process is the right thing to do, and it also destroys the profit for the salesperson.

The main thing to counteract this delaying tactic is confidence in the salesperson. If the salesperson isn’t confident in their own tactics and strategies, then everything else is really useless, and won’t have any effect. It all starts with the salesperson.

To be confident, you must have a total belief is your own skills and abilities as a salesperson, and your abilities to help the buyer with any needs they have. If you don’t believe in these, there really isn’t anything you can do to prevent the buyer from taking advantage of you. Buyers can tell when they are dealing with a salesperson who isn’t confident in themselves, and they know how to manipulate those salespeople.

So, it pays to gain more confidence in yourself and your products so you can be the best salesperson you can be. You must believe in your products, so you can represent them effectively, and buyers won’t be able to take advantage of you.

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