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Build a Cool Careers Page and Job Seekers Will Come

Build a Cool Careers Page and Job Seekers Will Come

By | 10.16.15
Build a Cool Careers Page and Job Seekers Will Come

Hiring forecast: tight and getting tighter. In a recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NIFB), 45% of small businesses that are hiring said they find “few or no qualified applicants.” Yet few small businesses put much effort into a Careers Page on their sites aimed at marketing the business to potential hires.

We’re not talking about the listing pages for specific jobs. Those you’ll probably want to place on craigslist, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Simply Hired or other job board sites that will distribute your want ads on the web where candidates will see them. We’re talking about putting your best face forward for the next step candidates take after seeing your ad—visiting your site to see who you are and what you can offer.

Here are some tips for building an effective Careers or Jobs or Work with Us page:

Keep the needs of the potential employee in mind

What’s on your jobs page–words and pictures–should answer questions such as…

  • Beyond making money, what about your business is going to motivate or inspire me?
  • Who works here – will I fit in?
  • What’s the work like? Will I have fun, be challenged?
  • Can I advance my career here?
  • Who are the management or owners?
  • What are the pay, benefits and perks?

Lead the page with a nice big image

This could be photos of employees (real ones, no stock photos like the one above, please!) or your work space or some big shiny piece of equipment…the idea is to give your future employees the opportunity to visualize themselves on the job (and happy). These folks look happy to be at Zillow.

Add a headline and some text that sets the tone

Google and Uber hit that need for some motivation beyond the bucks.

“Do cool things that matter”

“Join our team. Do work that moves people.”

T-Mobile’s words and pictures say you’ll be part of a high-energy team.


…Expressing yourself is a way of life around here…”

Software maker Centro answers the career growth question:

“Come Grow with Us

…Lasting success can only be achieved through dedication to the growth, well-being and happiness of the individual.”

Link to your job listings

Add a “See Our Job Listings” link to the list of your jobs on a job board site. Some sites, like ZipRecruiter, offer a widget so you can display the listings on your Careers page.

“We’re always looking for great people…”

 If your business has some standing needs to fill positions, you can call those out, with some details: “Truck Drivers: $25/ hour, signing bonus, weekends off” etc.

A message from the boss, some testimonials from the staff

Headshot images and short statements from the business owner or manager and a few employees can make important points like the work is meaningful, the company cares about career growth and the work environment is friendly and fun. If you can present these as videos, even better (see this example from Rubicon Project).

Benefits and perks

 “Medical benefits on day one”

“401k + match”

“Casual work environment”

“Tuition reimbursement”

In a competitive labor market, these kinds of specifics are a must.

“Life at our company”

A photo montage of employees showing off their work, helping out a charity, wearing their ugly sweaters on Ugly Sweater Day—like this example from Zillow.

Recognition and Awards

Rated a Best Place to Work by an online job board or city magazine? Maybe your products or technicians have achieved some high level of professional certification? Or a charity recognized you for your generosity? Put those little awards symbols in a visible spot on your Jobs page, like utility industry consultants Opower did.

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