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What You Can Do to Boost Your Content Marketing Now!

What You Can Do to Boost Your Content Marketing Now!

By | 06.23.15
What You Can Do to Boost Your Content Marketing Now!

kingcontentYes, we’ve all heard the age old digital marketing adage, “Content is King”. This has been proven many times and now it is preached like the lore of yesteryear. The Content King has survived many onslaughts and algorithm changes from the search engines and has proven again and again that useful, meaningful content on the internet gets you better traffic, higher rankings and overall better user engagement on your web presence.

While most would be content with getting constant, predictable traffic from your content marketing efforts, sometimes there are things out there that can net you even more visitors and traffic. Dex Media was in this particular situation with some of our legacy (but very useful) content that was hosted in a section of Superpages (an internet yellowpages).  This section did very well and we kept it updated with relevant information for our consumer-based audiences. Traffic was steady and all in the kingdom were happy. We had good interactions, usage and even garnered a good amount of backlinks from it.


As time went on, we faced a decision to keep that content on or move it to its own entity. A newly branded site with a new look and feel could take all of this wonderful content from the shadows of the IYP and shed the light on it that it deserved.  The Content King would eventually decide to move his kingdom to bigger and (hopefully) better things.

Thus the new kingdom of was born.  As with any moves on the internet, we were sure to follow the necessary technical steps for the move similar to how Google outlines. As with any website move, this process is the most crucial and important for success. Done incorrectly, we could lose all of our presence, history and rankings on the search engines.  Done correctly, though, and we bring all of the kingdom’s spoils with us.

With all of the proper precautions set in place, we pulled the switch and made the move. We also kept a vigilant eye on how our traffic was doing.  When done right, your traffic numbers should cross as the old domain goes down, while the new one goes up.  Similar to this pattern:


You can always expect this to happen in a 3-4 week time period as it takes the search engines some time to “catch up” to the changes.  When you see this pattern in your move, you can breathe a sigh of relief as more than likely, you had a successful move.

Now we have a brand new site, being indexed by the search engines. At this point, we don’t stop producing content, we just produce it under this new kingdom.


As with any new branding effort, we also built up Enlightenme’s social media presence. We began operating this property as its own entity and finally brought it out from under the shadow of Superpages. For Dex Media, we have the luxury of being able to segment our efforts and diversify. This might not be a strategy for everyone out there, but it was for us.

Now the important part of all of this is: Did it work?!

What we can say is, so far so good. As you know with things on search engines and the internet, a shiny and new kingdom gets a lot of attention. The real Content Kings have staying power and we are doing all we can to continue to offer original, informative, engaging consumer-centric articles on a wide array of topics for easy, quick consumption.

The traffic for Enlightenme so far:


As you can see from this report on Enlightenme, the new kingdom is doing well, and the King is happy.

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