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What the Best ‘About Us’ Pages Say

What the Best ‘About Us’ Pages Say

By | 06.23.14
What the Best ‘About Us’ Pages Say

Martin Fay President of Motor Works DeKalb ILThere are value shoppers and then there are values shoppers who want to know your company before they commit to do business. Tell them the story of your company on your site’s About Us page and assure them that you have the commitment, skills, good people or whatever else it takes to win their business.

An About Us page can range from a short read, like the six paragraphs for Motor Works

To more of a jumping off point, with big clickable elements like Velocity Aerospace or Native Trails (“Our Story, Our Artisans, Our Mission”)…

To a kind of second homepage like video company 4120, with a big image on top, three message points (“Craft, Creativity, Character”) and staff photos below.

Here are 10 elements we’ve seen on successful About Us pages for small business websites:

1.  Make it personal

Meet Martin and Anita Fay, owners of Motor Works. He trained as an engineer and a jazz guitarist but always wanted to work on cars, she was a special ed teacher. (That’s Martin in the photo above).

2. Make it like a job application cover letter

For attorneys or other professionals who are both the face of the company and the product, more detail about background makes sense. See the About Us page for family law firm Kith & Kin LLP: attorney Ashley Wave is big in the Ontario Bar Association—and on the competitive curling circuit.

3.  “Meet the Team” or “Who We Are”

Staff photos and bios are a must-have About Us feature.  See some nice treatments from Rubicon Project and  EWI Reinsurance (click the Our Team button).

4.  Company history or timeline

In business for as long as Aerosmith?  A time-line gets the message across. Door maker Plastpro invested in a nice design and law firm Frost Brown Todd LLC created an extensive clickable timeline that opens up descriptions of key cases.

5.  Mission statement or unique value proposition

Some About Us pages lead with a mission statement, like data vendor Apptopia, or a why-choose-us statement like law firm Burke Brown PLLC (“Proven Success, Respected, Fees with Parameters”, etc.).

6.  “Code of Ethics” or “Code of Beliefs”

Dave’s Car Care makes seven promises to customers in its About Us page statement while ezeGlide Shelving, Cabinets and Drawers takes an ethical/religious approach (“Quality and Excellence Is Our Mission, As Servants to One Another, Do the Right Thing,” etc.).

7.  Charity or community work

Like many companies, Dave’s Car Care gives a prominent mention to charity work in its About Us statement.

8.  Logo Land: awards, certifications, important customers

Motor Works lines up its AAA, BBB and other certifications with logos at the bottom of its About Us page and 4120 does the same for the corporate logos of important customers under the heading “Trusted By”.

9. Client testimonials

Another natural for the About Us page. EzeGlide organizes customer testimonials as a tab under the About Us section of its site.

10. Careers

Job seekers are the other main audience for an About Us page and many companies make their job listings a subsection – like marketing software company Moz, with the big message “We Are a Passionate Bunch”.  The Muse is a site that specializes in presenting company About Us pages to job seekers.

Image from Motor Works About Us page

Our company, Dex Media, builds websites for local businesses, as part of a suite of marketing solutions.

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