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Is Your Auto Repair Website Female Friendly?

Is Your Auto Repair Website Female Friendly?

By | 06.03.15
Is Your Auto Repair Website Female Friendly?
Women and Car Repair
Chart courtesy of AutoMD

Did you know that most women would rather go to the Dentist than have to take their car in to be repaired?

Did you also know that more than 60% of auto repair customers are women?

Since I fall into that demographic, I can vouch for those attitudes. Not only that, but I have also had auto repair shops give me different price quotes for work than they give to my husband or son. I’ll let you guess who gets the higher price quotes every time. Not fun.

Auto repair is one of those services that I hire primarily based on word-of-mouth recommendations. But I also research online and look for informative, helpful websites that publish prices. Apparently I’m not the only one who does this.

According to AutoMD, “over three-quarters (of consumers) have gone online to research what the price of a repair job should be, with men only slightly more likely to do so than women.  Overwhelmingly, consumers say that websites offering actual quotes for an actual job from an actual repair shop are of far higher value than websites offering just a general repair price range.”

Here are 10 suggestions from a woman (who also happens to be an SEO expert) for ways you can make your auto repair site more female-friendly. And in the process, it will become more user-friendly for everyone.

  1. Make your home page less busy. I want to see your address, phone number, hours of operation and your services.
  2. Explain your services clearly. Tell me up front what’s included. Wherever possible, list the prices. If you can’t pinpoint a price because the service depends on the make and model of the car, then give a price range.
  3. Have one page that lists all your services with just a sentence or two about each one. Then devote one page per service for a longer explanation of each with pictures and pricing.
  4. Don’t use stock photography. I’d rather see photos of your actual shop. If it looks clean and non-intimidating, I won’t be afraid to step inside.
  5. When I bought my car, no one told me that at 80,000 miles I would have to pay $2,000 to replace my timing belt. And when I brought my car in to get the timing belt replaced, I was told I would also have to replace the water pump. What? Why? It would be awesome if you could explain – in non-technical terms – why repairs like this are necessary? One of the reasons women don’t trust car repair shops is because these “extra” services get sprung on us while we’re there with our hood up. It would be nice to have some advance warning.
  6. Publish consumer reviews and give your customers a way to submit a review right there on your website.
  7. Devote a page to your guarantees and warranties.
  8. List all of your certifications, accreditations and memberships. That promotes your authority and increases my confidence.
  9. Let me schedule an appointment through your website.
  10. If you support charitable causes and participate in environmental sustainability efforts, let me know. I like that.

It’s no surprise to me that this auto repair website ranks very well for the highly competitive search phrase “auto repair dallas”. It has most of the recommendations I listed above. I just wish it had some pricing info…

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