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Reace Smith, APR

Articles by Reace Smith, APR

Helping Employees Take Ownership of Customer Service

What does it mean to take ownership of customer service? According to Teri Yanovitch, a former trainer for Disney...

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Fake Social Media Profiles Not Worth the Risk

A scandal erupted in the Dallas-Fort Worth area when a hired PR person began using fake social media profiles...

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Great Customer Service: Own Up to Your Mistakes

Uh oh. Ever have that feeling—the sense of dread of knowing that you messed up? And not just a...

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Developing Rapport with Customers

Don’t you love it when you show up at a place you frequent and the manager remembers you? They...

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Whatever Happened to That Customer?

There’s a saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But what about those who suffer in silence? Did...

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Marketing Your Business through Public Speaking

Speaking to organizations such as chambers of commerce, service organizations and university classrooms can be great opportunities for small...

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5 Tips to Help Move Your Business Forward

Are you stuck just maintaining the status quo as a small business owner? Does everything rest on your shoulders?...

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Ways to Reward Employees on a Budget

Good employees are the lifeline of many small to medium-sized businesses. They can help secure a customer for life...

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Too Much Sharing – Should SMBs Discuss Politics and Religion?

During the last presidential election season, a local restaurant owner posted a negative comment about one of the candidates...

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Preparing for a Crisis

Many small businesses do not have the budget to hire a Public Relations (PR) person to help them with...

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