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Michelle Johnson

Articles by Michelle Johnson

Largest Bank in the U.S. Partners to Offer Alternative Small Business Lending

With alternative programs abundantly available, small business lending today is much different than in the past. These lending programs...

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Survey Shows Small Business Values Digital Marketing

Street Fight recently teamed up with Alignable, a social network for small businesses, to find out which marketing tools...

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Push Notifications Effective Among Millennials

Today’s always-on culture may pay off for retailers who send push notifications, especially those who target Millennials. Not only...

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Social Media Usage Increased Significantly in Past 10 Years

The world today is more connected than ever thanks to the Internet, smart devices and other modern conveniences, like...

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Survey Shows TV Ads Most Influential to Consumers

According to a recent Emarys survey of 2,120 US adults aged 18 or older, nearly half of respondents (48...

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Gen X Makes Up the Largest Share of Affluent Population

According to Ipsos’ latest annual study of American affluents, Generation X (Gen X) has surpassed Baby Boomers for the...

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Study Shows Small Business Owners Spend on Marketing

In a recent interview, Brian Sutter, director of marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies, made some interesting revelations about small...

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New Study Reveals Insight Into What Customers Expect Today

With the advent of digital technologies and the instant gratification they offer, customer expectations these days are higher than...

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Back to School Data Reveals Many Consumers Wait to Shop

With most children in the U.S. going back to school this week, it would stand to reason that the...

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How Can Technology Companies Improve the Purchasing Process of SMBs?

What are the top ways technology companies can help improve the purchasing process for small to medium-sized businesses? The...

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What is the Evolution of Video for SMBs?

According to a recent article from BIA/Kelsey, more small businesses are starting to use video, not just for promoting...

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Loyalty Programs Beneficial to SMBs

These days, it seems like virtually every business has a discount or rewards program. No longer just reserved for...

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Social Sharing for Local Business

Social sharing is not just for fun anymore, it’s being used more and more by millennials who share content...

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Positive Outlook for Mobile Ad Experiences

According to recent research, display ad spending for mobile is predicted to be equal to display ad spending for...

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Marketers Striving to Figure out Successful Digital Strategies

A new survey of 89 marketers by Forrester Research revealed that a large majority of respondents are still struggling...

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SMS Largest Revenue Generator in Mobile Marketing

Everywhere you look today, it seems everyone has a mobile phone, specifically a smartphone, in hand. It has become...

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What do Consumers Think Makes an Ideal Customer Experience?

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently conducted a study to find out how consumers define their ideal customer experience....

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Mobile Ad Spending to Rise to 72% by 2019

The latest forecast on digital ad spending by eMarketer predicts that mobile will account for 72 percent by 2019....

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Locally-Focused Marketing Predicted the Next Big Thing

With more than 91 percent of mobile users stating that they have their phones within reach at all times...

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How to Add Wearable Tech to Your Marketing Mix

With 45 percent of Internet-savvy adults in the U.S. already stating their interest in wearable tech devices, how many...

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What the VSBs are Doing About Marketing

In the latest spotlight report of Wave 18 of BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor survey of small and medium businesses,...

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