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Lauryn Johnson

Articles by Lauryn Johnson

9 Ways to Fix Your Locksmith Business SEO to Rank Better in Online Searches

They’ve locked their keys in their car. They lost the extra house key. Or maybe they broke their only...

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Do You Have a Sticky Website? How to Get Consumers Stuck on Yours

What on Earth does the word “sticky” have to do with your business website? If you’re like me, the...

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16 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Make You the Top Neighborhood Agent

According to Keller Williams, home sales are expected to decline by 2% this year. Does 2% seem like a...

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Top Online Ratings and Review Sites for Every Type of Small Business

Not all online ratings and reviews are created equal. The first that come to mind may be important to...

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[Video] Why First-Party Reviews Are So Important

Ever been asked to leave a review for a business? They probably sent you an email after you paid,...

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[Video] Don’t Waste Time and Money Developing an App

Today we’re going to talk about the power of progressive web apps. Raise your hand if you once thought,...

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The DOs and DON’Ts: Sending Permission Passes that Won’t Cause Too Much Heartbreak

Imagine a world where 100% of the contacts in your email list are fully opted in and excited to...

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Too Many Late Payments? Stop Unpaid Invoices from Affecting Your Business

Let me ask an honest question. How long do you typically wait for customers to pay you? Do your...

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The Craziest Way Influencer Marketing Works for Small Businesses on Social Media

Big brands love influencer marketing. But did you know influencer marketing works for small businesses too? Influencer marketing is...

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Why If Your CRM Isn’t Mobile, You’re Doing It Wrong

Recover your body. Recover your life. Sounds pretty great, right? For The Body Building’s Kasey Kahl, it’s not just...

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Building a 2019 Email Marketing Plan? Do More of This, and Less of That

Would you love to generate $44, just by spending a dollar? Who wouldn’t?! Luckily for small businesses, email marketing...

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What is Lead Injection? Why You Need a Better Way to Get Leads into Your CRM

When a consumer reaches out to your business and expresses interest, they become a lead. In marketing, we call...

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How to Avoid Chargebacks during the Holidays

Ever experienced a chargeback? You’d know if you have. It’s that moment when you see a cardholder has disputed...

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Writing for Social Media Business Pages: 7 Tips for Writing Posts that Get Read

Is your business active on social media? If so, whether you anticipated it or not, you added “writer” to...

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Can’t Afford to Give Discounts? 4 Cheap Ways to Promote a Services Business

Small businesses come in all shapes and sizes. So when it comes to promoting a small business, it’s no...

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Holiday Email Marketing Ideas You’ll Thank Us for This Season

How important is the holiday season to your business? Depending on your industry and the type of business you...

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Small Business Saturday Is Your Day – Make It Count in 3 Nearly Free Steps

The second the calendar changes over to November, we know what’s on your mind. The holidays aren’t just coming....

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Help! What to Do When Your Business Information Is Wrong on Yelp

Cue sounds of a broken record…it’s time to talk about your online listings again. We talk about it a...

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How many logins is too many logins? The answer may surprise you

Raise your hand if you have a list of passwords saved somewhere. I know I do. Maybe you’ve typed...

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The 6 “P”s of Building Quotes and Estimates That Win Over Customers

If you run a service-based business, you endure plenty of nerve-wracking moments on the job. Perhaps you get a...

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8 Spooktacular Social Media Marketing Ideas You’ll Love this Halloween

Boos, bats and…boosted posts? Oh my! Halloween may or may not be your favorite holiday. But as a business...

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