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Lauryn Johnson

Articles by Lauryn Johnson

Respond to Negative Reviews Online in 6 Steps

When you get a negative review online, it can feel like the worst thing that’s ever happened to your...

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Nervous to Text Your Business Clients? 7 B2B Texting Traps to Avoid

What’s a typical Monday morning like for you? For many business owners, it starts with a quick scroll through...

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Is Google’s Featured Snippet Killing Your Website Traffic?

If you’re like many small business owners, you might think your website traffic comes from Google searches for local...

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Top 4 Google SEO Ranking Factors

We’re just halfway through 2019 and Google has already implemented 2 confirmed and 2 unconfirmed updates to their algorithm....

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Are You Afraid of the Dark? What Dark Mode Means to Your Business’s Emails

Eyes feeling a little tired lately? You’re not alone. About 70% of Americans experience something called “digital eye strain,”...

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5 Ways Smart Business Owners Unplug and Unwind during Summer

When you run a small business, it’s easy to feel guilty if you step away for even a second....

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All About that Bounce, ‘bout that Bounce, Your Bounce Rate

One of the top questions that leads small business owners to look for marketing help is, “Is my business...

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How Top Roofers Use Business Listings to Cover their Businesses Online

The hail storm hits, and you know what every other roofing contractor in your area knows. Busy season just...

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5 Telltale Signs Your Business Website Isn’t Working

“What’s the best place to hide a dead body?” “On page 2 of Google’s search results!” Most digital marketers...

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3 Smarter Ways to Put Your Small Business Tax Refund to Work

For both business owners and consumers, tax time can be a nervous time. If you’re new to running a...

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How 5G Mobile Marketing Will Create a Supercharged Space for Small Businesses

Mobile marketing technology is constantly evolving. The same goes for mobile data connections and the network technologies that impact...

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How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online: Choosing a Payment Processor

Finding the best way to accept credit card payments online is hard. Because when it comes to running your...

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Why Great Customer Service Means More than Smiles and Handshakes

I recently came across an article touting a certain quick-service chicken restaurant and its winning recipe for customer satisfaction....

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6 Habits of Successful Small Business Email Marketers

Spring is here, and it arrived in full force. But with Spring comes more than runny noses and watery...

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9 Ways to Fix Your Locksmith Business SEO to Rank Better in Online Searches

They’ve locked their keys in their car. They lost the extra house key. Or maybe they broke their only...

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Do You Have a Sticky Website? How to Get Consumers Stuck on Yours

What on Earth does the word “sticky” have to do with your business website? If you’re like me, the...

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16 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Make You the Top Neighborhood Agent

According to Keller Williams, home sales are expected to decline by 2% this year. Does 2% seem like a...

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Top Online Ratings and Review Sites for Every Type of Small Business

Not all online ratings and reviews are created equal. The first that come to mind may be important to...

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[Video] Why First-Party Reviews Are So Important

Ever been asked to leave a review for a business? They probably sent you an email after you paid,...

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[Video] Don’t Waste Time and Money Developing an App

Today we’re going to talk about the power of progressive web apps. Raise your hand if you once thought,...

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The DOs and DON’Ts: Sending Permission Passes that Won’t Cause Too Much Heartbreak

Imagine a world where 100% of the contacts in your email list are fully opted in and excited to...

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