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Jonathan Larkin

Jon has worked for Supermedia since 2004 and is currently managing large-scale search marketing campaigns for and He has worked in the Internet industry since 1996, handling roles from web site development to online marketing management.

Articles by Jonathan Larkin

Google Makes Big Changes to Results Pages: No More Right Rail

Google’s ever-shifting landscape of available advertising slots got a major jolt in late February. For quite some time, they’ve...

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Escape from Excel with Google’s New Report Editor

Reporting in AdWords has long been a two-tiered process. If you wanted quick access to basic statistics you could browse...

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Add Some Life to Your Bing Ads with Image Extensions

As the old idiom goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Considering the limited number of words you can use...

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Google’s Bid Simulator Goes Mobile

According to some recent data from Google, “shopping-related searches on mobile have grown more than 120% year over year...

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Target Your Loyal Customers with Customer Match

“Go where your customers are.” Every business owner has heard it, but it’s not always the easiest advice to follow...

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Can You Get Better SEM Results With Lower Bids?

The idea of lowering your bids to improve your SEM campaigns may seem crazy, but if you’re running on a set...

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Enhance Your Google Ads with Structured Snippets

It’s been almost a year since I posted about Google’s callout extensions, and they’ve returned this year with a...

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Expand Your Reach with Dynamic Search Ads

Google recently introduced some enhancements to their dynamic search ad platform that could help small business owners expand their...

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Bing Launches Native Ads Beta on MSN

Yesterday, Bing announced that they would be entering the native ad space to “combine…strong intent signals with native experiences which...

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3 New Rules to Improve Google’s Display Ad Clicks

Google recently announced that it would be improving the quality of clicks coming from their display ad network. They’ll...

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Countdown Customizers: Create Some Urgency for Your Ads

Google is constantly updating their AdWords platform with new features and ad formats, though not all of them are useful...

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Automated Rules: Stop Wasting Your Precious SEM Efforts

On June 1, Bing Ads announced that they’d be adding automated rules to their system. This is an oft-requested...

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Google Doubles Down on “Nearby” Ads

The ever-growing mobile search space offers plenty of opportunities for local businesses to connect with customers at the right...

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Using Seasonal Data to Boost Your Online Ads

It can sometimes be tempting to let your online advertising campaigns run on auto-pilot, especially when they seem to...

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The Growing Importance of Product Ads for SMBs

Last week Bing announced that they were creating a beta program for Shopping Campaigns. This new emphasis on product...

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Is Ad Success Hiding in Your Offline Conversions?

Conversions are a major metric for determining the success of your advertising campaigns, but are you actually capturing all...

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Building Successful SEM Campaigns for Plumbers

Running online ads can boost your company’s revenue, customer base, and brand recognition. To accomplish this, you’ll want to consider your...

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Beyond Clicks: Google Introduces Call-Only Campaigns

Google’s advertising options seem to be in a constant state of evolution. Features frequently appear (and sometimes disappear) as they try...

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How to Get Your Ads Ready for Mother’s Day

Seasonal ads can be an important addition to your online marketing campaign, but you might not know just how early to...

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Online Advertising Tips for Dentists

The choices you make when you run ads online can mean the difference between expanding your business or learning a costly...

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How to Keep Your Attorney Ads Legal

Given the ubiquity of advertising for lawyers on TV, billboards, radio, and everywhere else, you might be surprised to learn...

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