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Jim Shannon

Articles by Jim Shannon

Slow but Steady Gains in the Retail Race

The most recent sales forecast from the market research company eMarketer shows retail sales increasing by 3.5 percent in...

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Businesses Putting the Brakes on Mobile Marketing May be Going Nowhere

Mobile marketing continues its steady growth and businesses that fail to acknowledge and respond to this will eventually lose...

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Local Artists Crafting Relationships with Large Retailers

Artisans looking to increase their exposure and expand sales should take notice of a new approach being utilized by...

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How to Tackle Ad Blockers Throwing Publishers for a Loss

Ad blocking is a growing trend among those on the Internet, and it is posing a serious problem for...

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Meaningless Meetings and Excessive Emails Impediments to Productivity

Time’s a-wastin’, and employees face a number of issues that hurt their ability to be productive, according to the...

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Is Your Over-the-Phone Customer Service a Hang Up?

Poor customer service is one of the biggest complaints consumers have about companies and it is one of the...

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Lead Conversion Rates Better When Response is Timely

It appears that timing is everything when it comes to converting leads. A newly released study from the sales...

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Paid Search Continues to Produce

A set of studies generated by several companies (Adobe, Kenshoo, Merkle/RKG, and IgnitionOne) finds that the surge in search...

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Content and Performance Matters for Consumers and Websites

While it seems the adage “The more things change, the more they stay the same” still rings true, there...

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Keeping Loyalty Programs Relevant

Loyalty programs continue to show healthy growth, increasing by 26 percent to 3.3 billion members in 2014, according to...

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New SBA Website Provides Cybersecurity Blanket for Small Businesses

In conjunction with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the U.S. Small Business Administration has launched a website for small businesses...

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Are Your Emails Getting Through to Subscribers?

Maximizing email success has become a key element in driving profits and maintaining relevancy in the marketplace. But understanding...

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When a Rep Calls, Will Anyone Answer?

SMBs are flooded with calls from reps offering a range of information and services that can benefit them and...

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Studies Question Why Consumers Share Their Personal Data

A new study recently released by Zebra Technologies is increasing the confusion about whether consumers are willingly sharing personal...

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A Strong Online Presence Can Bring Holiday Cheer for Local Businesses

While it may seem like it is months away, for many shoppers the holiday season is practically upon them,...

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A Willingness to Say No May Be a Best Business Practice

Just as consumers can be selective when it comes to which companies they would like to work with, businesses...

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Pew Research Investigates Current Social Media and Mobile Messaging Trends

The non-partisan Pew Research Center recently released its “Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015” survey, an analysis and comparison...

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Survey: Consumers Trust Online Assessments of Local Businesses

If you have ever wondered if online reviews have an impact on consumers, it turns out they really do....

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Mobile Sites Trump Apps for Internet Searches

Local small businesses face an interesting dilemma when it comes to deciding between using smartphone apps or their website...

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Phone It In – Cashing In on Click-to-Call

As smartphones continue their steady spread across the human landscape, a new pattern is rapidly emerging as one of...

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Local and Small Businesses Have a Hard Time Landing on the Front Page

Local and small businesses hoping to find their way onto a first page listing of the big three search...

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