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Danielle Celmer

I am passionate about social media platforms, digital media and technology. When I'm not wrapped up in everything digital, I'm either watching sports, on the soccer field or playing with my dog. Connect with me on Twitter.

Articles by Danielle Celmer

Must-Have Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

Running a small business is a massive undertaking and it can be overwhelming. However, there are numerous mobile apps...

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Facebook hits 40 Million Page Mark and Launches Live Chat for Businesses

Facebook announced today that there are now 40 million active small business pages on the site. With that announcement...

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Periscope: Twitter’s New Live-Streaming Video App

Periscope is Twitter’s new live-streaming video app that allows users to watch and broadcast live video. The app allows...

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The Top 5 Activities on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook [Infographic]

As a business that markets on social media, it’s important to understand how your audience is using social media.  A...

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Facebook Introduces Topic Data: What Your Business Needs to Know

Facebook continues to empower its marketers with more in depth data with its new rollout of topic data. This...

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3 Twitter Tips That Will Boost Your Twitter Marketing

Looking for new ways to boost your business’s performance on Twitter? These three simple tips will help grow your...

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Examples of How Dentists Are Using Facebook

If your dental office isn’t on Facebook, it should be. Using Facebook is a great way for your practice to...

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5 Social Media Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner in today’s evolving social media landscape, staying on top of social media marketing can...

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Social Media Advertising: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business [Infographic]

There are so many different social media channels that it can be difficult to decide where best to spend...

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Your Business Needs to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Social media allows customers to voice their opinions, both positive and negative regarding their experience with your business, and they...

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Expert Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2015

With technology and the landscape of marketing constantly changing, it’s hard to tell where Social media will be in...

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Introducing Twitter’s New Small Business Planner App

Twitter recently released a Small Business Planner mobile app to help businesses with their Twitter marketing campaigns. The app...

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Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Social media marketing is now an essential part of doing business. It’s where you can connect with customers and...

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Making the Most Out of Promoted Tweets for Your Business

Has your business used Twitter’s Promoted Tweets? Promoted Tweets is an effective way to run a Twitter marketing campaign for...

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Social Media Holiday Marketing Trends for 2014 [Infographic]

It’s true, the 2014 holiday marketing season is already here! The majority of businesses are probably already in full...

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The Benefits of Twitter Advertising for Your Business

Has your business considered using Twitter ads? Earlier in the month Twitter revamped their advertising interface by making it...

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New Social Networks Your Business Should Consider Using

The majority of businesses utilizing social media marketing are advertising on large networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However...

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How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business Online [Infographic]

When it comes to marketing your business online, there are a lot of options to choose from. Naturally, you...

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The Stats Behind The World Of Vine: 40 Million Registered Users

Video is becoming one of the best avenues for marketing your business. Remember Vine, the looped video app? Well,...

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Breaking Down Facebook’s Targeted Audiences [Infographic]

Most businesses know that Facebook has advertising options. However there are so many options it can seem overwhelming. The...

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Google My Business – Free Tool For Small Businesses

Google recently launched Google My Business, this free tool allows small businesses to connect with their customers. It took...

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