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Attention-Grabbing Headlines for Yellow Pages Ads

Attention-Grabbing Headlines for Yellow Pages Ads

By | 11.21.11
Attention-Grabbing Headlines for Yellow Pages Ads

The headline on your Yellow Pages print directory needs to command attention from the middle of a crowded page.

Rule 1: Find a message that conveys a value to your potential customers –don’t just use your business name for a headline.

Rule 2: Find a value that makes you stand out from your competitors.

Check this list of 12 successful local directory headline strategies that go beyond the usual claims to give advertisers a competitive edge.

1. Make an emotional connection

Yellow Pages Headlines Child Care Happy Outcome Seattle

2. Anticipate objections or concerns

Yellow Pages Headlines Attorney Personal Attention Denver

3. Emphasize location

Yellow Pages Headlines Auto Service Location Seattle

4. Zero in on customer needs

Yellow Pages Headlines Doctor Audience Need Portland

5. Emphasize a unique value proposition

Yellow Pages Headlines Vet Husband and Wife Portland

6. Create a doubt

Yellow Pages Headlines Jewelers Competitive Phoenix

7. Promise a specific experience

Yellow Pages Headlines Junk Bring Your Tools Portland

8. Zero in on a target audience

Yellow Pages Headlines Landscaper ID Target Audience Phoenix

9. Make a promise on price

Yellow Pages Headlines Plumber 100 Dollar Denver

10. Show positive ratings or reviews

Yellow Pages Headlines Roofer Voted Best Phoenix

11. Name positive attributes

Yellow Pages Headlines Tax Prep Attributes Denver

12. Emphasize local roots and stability

Yellow Pages Headlines Florist Local Phoenix




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