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Attention-Grabbing Facebook Posts for Your Small Business

Attention-Grabbing Facebook Posts for Your Small Business

By | 10.16.14
Attention-Grabbing Facebook Posts for Your Small Business

happy Facebook userIt’s no secret that engaging social audiences keeps getting trickier, thanks to algorithm changes and saturated social media platforms.

But don’t be intimidated. You have more options than you think. Here are a few ideas of different types of Facebook posts.

1. A link. But don’t just post the link. Comment on it.
2. A photo. Same advice as above. Say something about the photo.
3. A video. These tend to get strong engagement. You can even make uber-short ones on Instagram.
4. Ask a question. You can even ask about products to carry in your store. Be specific.
5. Fill-in-the-blank statements.

And those are just post types. There’s also post content to consider.

Here are some ideas along those lines. (Note: Many of these ideas work for other social platforms, and some of the examples below are even taken from other platforms.)

1. A behind-the-scenes look at your company.

2. Happy customers.

3. Pets of customers or employees.

4. An unusual job.

5. Content related to a current season or holiday.

6. Links to helpful articles related to your industry.

7. Controversial news items or op-ed pieces related to your industry.

8. Practical tips.

9. Trivia questions related to your industry. Hint: Don’t make them too hard if you want replies.

10. Your product, especially in use. But avoid sounding or looking too market-y.

11. Kudos to neighboring small businesses.

12. Community news.

13. An outrageous version of your product. For example, this post would be great for a coffee shop, whether or not that coffee shop does elaborate latte art itself.

14. A historical photo of your company or industry. Jump on that #throwbackthursday bandwagon!

15. A cartoon or comic photo related to your industry. Hashtag it #fridayfunny or #fridayfun.

Btw, your posts don’t all have to be original content. That’s a lot of hours devoted to creating content that you probably need to put toward running your business. Instead, follow like-minded business, and click that share button on occasion that allows you to share others’ posts.

It’s a social network after all. Be social!

Check out our blog post on what social platforms best suit your business!

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