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Advantages Of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Advantages Of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

By | 04.30.10
Advantages Of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Advantages Of Pay Per Click (PPC) AdvertisingPay Per Click (PPC) advertising offers you a new, effective way to attract potential customers to your business. Whether you have a Web site or not, you can use Pay Per Click ads to reach customers online. Pay Per Click programs help you build brand awareness, turn visitors into buyers and are a great complement to your existing online and offline ad campaigns.

Pay Per Click targets local customers

Advertising is most effective if you target the right audience. Pay Per Click allows you to focus your advertising to a specific lcoation or geographic region. If you’re a local barber, it helps you target your metro area. If your services or products are more widely available, you can expand your reach for potential customers to your entire state, multiple states or nationwide.

Reach online customers

Pay Per Click advertising gives you the chance to connect with the online customer market. You create a simple online ad that highlights your products/services. One Pay Per Click purchase usually gets you into an entire network of online yellow pages and local business search sites—you gain immediate access to millions of potential customers.

Pre-qualified customers

Customers that contact you will already know a lot about your business—your ad includes a blurb about your products/services, hours of operation and link to your business profile or Web site. By the time a customer is contacting you, they are ready to ask questions and are motivated to make a purchase. Connect with customers who want to do business as soon as possible.

Tracking Pay For Calls ad success

With traditional offline advertising methods it is difficult to know if your ad is reaching the intended target audience and if it’s inspiring them to take action. Pay Per Click makes it easy to track your response rate.
You can instantly get feedback on who is responding to your ads and how many of those contacts are converting to sales. With monthly metrics, you can see who is clicking on your ad and can update your advertising strategy to maximize your results. You can test and tweak your creatives, your placement, your categories and even your Web site landing page to meet the needs of your customers more precisely. And you can quickly incorporate feedback from customers and independent consultants.

Maximize your online advertising budget

Get total cost control with Pay Per Click. You set your own monthly budget and can change your price per click at any time. You maximize your marketing dollars because you are only paying for quality leads that actually click through to your business.

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