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Leads are Like Votes: 6 Tips on Winning

Leads are Like Votes: 6 Tips on Winning

By | 10.01.12
Leads are Like Votes: 6 Tips on Winning

Leads Are Like VotesElection season reminds us how business is like politics. How, you ask?

  1. Know Who Your Opponents Are
    When competing for votes in a digital world, your competition may not be whom you think. Go to Google and type in your main service plus your main service area. For example, “plumber Dallas”. The businesses who show up in the top 10 search results are your competition. The businesses who show up on the map as pins are your competition. And the businesses who show up in the paid results are your competition.
  2. Listen to What the Voters Want and Need
    Feel their pain. Talk their talk. What is the single greatest complaint voters have about politicians? That once they get to Washington, they forget about the voters who sent them there, and the issues and concerns those voters have. Your business’s potential clients are the same. What are you hearing from customers in your service area? You have to identify the problem before you can solve it.
  3. Get Your Message Out
    Candidates spend a lot of money on campaigning. They advertise on TV and radio, they get on social media, they appear in person at events where voters congregate, they send stuff to your email and to your mailbox. You need to do the same. How will potential customers know to choose you if they don’t know you’re on the ballot? Use your small business website, your blog, your pay-per-click campaign, your social media accounts, plus print and media advertising to make sure that all of the “voters” in your district know who you are and what you do.
  4. Be More Vote-Worthy Than Your Opponents
    If you are easier to find online, in all the places that potential clients are searching, you are more visible. But are you more vote-worthy than the other guy? If you distinguish your business from your competition by having a better solution and successfully communicating it, you’ll end up with more leads.
  5. Ask for the Vote
    Does a potential customer know what to do when they come to your website or are there 10 different possible actions they can take? Call, click, fill out this form, print this coupon, read this, email us, sign up for our newsletter… you see the problem. Whichever action you want a visitor to take, make sure it’s crystal clear to them so you can turn a visitor into a lead. And watch the leads add up.
  6. Finally, Deliver on Your Campaign Promises
    After you get the vote, are you following up? If you’re collecting phone numbers or email addresses or reviews or subscriptions or whatever it is, be sure to respond as quickly as possible. Once a visitor has expressed an interest, don’t leave them hanging. Convert those leads into customers and win.
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