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7 Over-used Yet Effective Image Ideas for Your Website

7 Over-used Yet Effective Image Ideas for Your Website

By | 06.06.14
7 Over-used Yet Effective Image Ideas for Your Website
Cityview Cars homepage

The Big Photo at the Top of the Homepage – seems like you see that design on nearly every business website. Well, it’s popular for some good reasons:

Good Reason #1: Our brains are wired to form an immediate opinion or feeling from an image, particularly an image of another human.

Good Reason #2: The majority of internet use now takes place on mobile devices and big pictures are the easiest things to see on tiny screens.

Less Good Reason #3: Millions of high-quality stock photos are available online and it’s easy to grab one and be done.

If you’re looking for a lead photo for your home page, we put together this Menu of Over-used Business Website Homepage Lead Image Ideas That Are Still Worth Using.

But first…

A message from the International Brotherhood of Photographers Association Union Guild:

Hire a photographer to the shoot pictures that represent your business instead of buying stock. As a small, local business, you have an opportunity to show genuine personality with shots of real people, real work and real customers as opposed to the models that chains have to hire to impersonate real people. So hire a photographer. Thank you.

And now the Menu:

1. Our Boss, the Ultimate Guarantee

Michael Fienman Attorney Homepage 2
Fienman Defense homepage

The founder and CEO of Stanley Restoration looks like a trustworthy guy and the image reinforces the message that “we stand for peace of mind”. And this full-screen image of criminal defense attorney Michael Fienman gives you a good look at him in action – if he got any closer, you’d holler “not guilty!”.

2. Our Staff, Who Really Know What They’re Doing

Yup, Mike at Steagall Oil looks like the real deal.  You wouldn’t trust a stock photo model to deliver a load of diesel to your shop, now would you? And look at the extreme close-ups of the medical-equipment repair work going on at Summit Imaging; these folks obviously take pride in their work.

3. See How Our Customers Love Us

Client testimonials are highly persuasive, paired with client photos. Dentist Kim Rioux leads her site with a photo gallery that includes three families of smiling “actual patients”. Software company Hatchbuck fills up half the screen with its happy customer, who could double as a dental practice endorser with that smile.

4. Our Place of Business is Super-cool/Welcoming/Neat and Clean…

A shot of the interior or exterior can be a taste of the experience of visiting or a demonstration of how well-established or well-run your business is. Look at this full-screen-image homepage of Cityview Classic Cars ; they must put as much time into waxing the floors as they do into waxing the cars.

5. Take a Close Look at Our Products

Sweez pastry shop homepage
Sweez homepage

Mmmm, the cookies on the Sweez pastry shop site are actually bigger than life-size! A luscious product shot is always a plus no matter what your product. Oh, you say you’re in the sewer inspection business? Well, show an impressive looking small piece of equipment and fill the rest of the space with a text statement like Hydro Physics did.

6. We’re Local and We’re Proud

Waving fields of grain or city skyline, like this beautiful shot of downtown Chicago from The Prinz Law Firm, an iconic, local image makes the point that your business is part of the community.

7. We Made You Think

We’re talking high concept here: An arresting image that makes a point with symbolism. Look at the beautiful wilderness images on the home page for Guide IT staffing agency: You’d like to be there, right? But not without a guide…

Top image: Homepage for  Cityview Classic Cars, Fort Worth, TX 

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