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7 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Advertisers

By | 01.30.14
7 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Advertisers
  1. 7 Resolutions for 2014Be Happy and Stay Positive – Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud for no reason and adopt the glass-half-full attitude. That positive radiance is addicting to customers. Share it online, on the phone and in person. You can bring in the leads, but if that first touch isn’t a great feeling, your customers may get cold feet and decide not to come back. Having happy customers will lead to positive word-of-mouth and electronic referrals. So be happy, be positive and show each customer that you’re happy to serve them, however they found you.
  2. Eat Healthy Food – You are what you eat, and putting low-quality content into your website, is like filling your body with junk food. This year, be picky about the content that you put on your site. It may cost more to eat healthy, but the long-term benefits can’t be argued with. Just like being conscientious about the food you put in your body, you should start to invest progressively more dollars into creating more in-depth original content.
  3. Get CrossFit – There are some truths in life. Diversification is one. For advertising, like exercising, it’s important to build a strong core, try new routines and continue to branch out and see what works for you. CrossFit has been the craze for 2013 fitness freaks and SEOs adopted the lifestyle too. To get leads in today’s marketplace you need to be online and offline. You need to be social, organic, paid and referral. So start diversifying and be sure that you are reaching your target audience across both the digital and traditional marketplace.
  4. Create a Routine – Get up a little earlier, make time at lunch or start the minute you get home. Use If-Then planning to create a simple behavior chain and tie an easily achievable goal to it. Plan to surpass that goal. “If it is Monday and 6 pm, then I will write 100 words.” Or, “If it is before work, then I will read 1 article and share it with my customers.” These simple behavior chains help you set good habits and will lead you through the peaks and valleys of your willpower. Go so far as to plan your year out. In 2014 plan a simple and achievable routine of making social media updates, actively adding blog posts and responding to reviews about your business. (Be sure to leave time for your own fun – offline!)
  5. Be More Selfish – It is definitely OK to be selfish, and for some of us who have modeled our lives after Charlie Brown, being wishy-washy isn’t a good trait. Say what you think, and don’t be afraid to catch flak for it. That’s how the world works, and you might end up getting what you want in the end. It is OK to have an opinion on your website, or within your content and your social media campaigns. Taper the edges to what you feel comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to have fun and say something worth saying. Just remember to stay away from the controversial topics (like politics and religion) that could alienate your audience.
  6. Make New Friends – Follow blogs that interest you, link out to websites you like in your blog posts and actively like and re-share posts that resonate with you. Publish the occasional guest post on your blog. Just make sure it is from a credible writer and a business you want to promote, on a topic of interest to your audience, and don’t settle for content that isn’t fantastic.
  7. Try New Things and Take More Risks – Penny pinching is a good trait, but branch out in 2014. Digital and traditional advertising are a safe investment. Haven’t tried to create an infographic yet? 2014 is the year to try it out. Haven’t created a mobile website? Be sure to give it a shot. Swore off paid advertising because it was too expensive years ago? Google and Bing are constantly making improvements to keyword targeting to help generate leads at an affordable cost. If you have a good ROI now, take a calculated risk and start another campaign. Branch out to a new or emerging market. You shouldn’t rely on just SEO, just PPC, or just one search engine to capture 100% of the leads for your business. They won’t. If you want to find new customers you should be building a presence in new and emerging markets. So try new things in 2014 and see how effective they are in generating a sale.
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