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7 More Tips for Website Forms That Get Leads

7 More Tips for Website Forms That Get Leads

By | 03.20.15
7 More Tips for Website Forms That Get Leads

Tips for Lead Generation FormsThat contact us form on your website not pulling in any leads? Does the button at the bottom just have one word, like “Submit”? Could be your problem right there—two-word buttons generally do better, says a new study by online forms vendor Formstack that tracked the success rates for forms with 650,000 users. Try these 7 tips and tweaks from the study (and see the other 7 Tips for Lead Generation Forms That Generate Leads):

1. Contest-entry forms do best

Forms for contests ran a 35% conversion rate (the percentage of visitors to the page with the form who ended up filling out the form), the highest of any form type. And contest forms on Facebook pages had more than double the conversion rate of website forms. At the bottom of the list: the contact us form, the bread and butter of business websites everywhere, with a 1% rate. Oh, well, at least those who fill out plain old contact forms must be serious leads.

2. Users balk most at the basic information

Surprisingly, users tend to abandon filling out the form at the name and address point. Don’t require first and last names if an email address will do, Formstack suggests. Forms that offer the users the option to click a button to automatically fill in personal information from Facebook or other social media have a much higher completion rate.

3. Long forms can get more conversions than short forms

There’s a fine line between collecting maximum information with a form and inflicting maximum annoyance. But long forms actually outperform short forms three to one if they are spread out over several pages with a “progress bar” showing how far the user has gone toward completion.

4. Don’t use radio buttons

The little buttons that you click once to select a choice have been a standard in the world of forms for like forever. Seems people hate them. “A leading cause of high abandonment rates,” says the study.

5. Make “Submit” buttons more specific

Users need encouragement even after they fill in their info and are ready to click the final button. A two-word button that promises a more specific value for the click can make the difference. “Submit Registration” buttons hit a 15.5% conversion rate vs. 10.5% for just “Submit”. On the other hand, “Submit Request” pulled 9.19%. Too vague, maybe?

6. Form conversion rates vary widely by industry

So set your expectations accordingly. Sports and Government lead the pack at 18%, followed by Tech (17%), Nonprofit (14%) and…wait, was that Government tied with Sports? Yes, the most used form by government agencies is the survey form, the second most completed form (after contests).

7. Some days and times are better than others for form completion

Good to know if you’re promoting form sign-ups by email or social media posts. Church website forms do best on Mondays but non-profit groups do best on Fridays. Lead generation forms hit their sweet spot on Thursday afternoons. And contest-entry forms get filled out mostly after 8 PM.

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