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7 Habits of Highly Successful Marketers

7 Habits of Highly Successful Marketers

By | 04.13.16
7 Habits of Highly Successful Marketers

Salesforce, a major vendor of software for managing customer relations, surveyed about 4,000 marketing executives worldwide, zeroed in on the top performers and asked them about their most successful techniques. Sure, these are big-company executives but it turns out, their tactics can be scaled for companies of any size.

So here they are: 7 habits of the most successful marketers (and read the Salesforce State of Marketing report):

#1 They Start with a Customer Journey Strategy

By “customer journey”, they mean paying very close attention to each stage of the sales process, from first contact through closing the sale through service, with the goal of improving each little step in the journey.

Learn more: Customer Journey Mapping for Small Business

#2 They Lead the Customer Experience across the Whole Company

The high performance marketers say they pull together all units of the company—from marketing to sales to IT to customer service—to gather data and line everyone up to present a unified experience for the customer. A good starting point for a small business is a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Learn more: The ABCs of CRM and How to Jumpstart Your Business

#3 They Cross Channels

The top performers carefully coordinate their marketing channels – website, social media, mobile media, email, SEO, paid advertising – to keep them all on message.

Learn more: Small Business Internet Marketing – How the Pieces Fit Together

#4 They Go Mobile

Very strong support for mobile marketing among this group – that includes text messaging (SMS), mobile apps and location-based push messaging. Half of those surveyed said that mobile directly links to their business’ primary revenue source. Eighty percent say mobile is most effective for pushing out deal offers.

Learn more: I’m Not a Retailer – Why Should I Care about Mobile?

#5 They Personalize Email

Almost 80 per cent said that email directly generates ROI. And while these marketing execs use fancy techniques such as “predictive intelligence” (as in Amazon’s “you might also like”), you can start personalizing by segmenting your audience by demographics or behavior.

Learn more: Customer Segmentation for Small Business

#6 They See Big ROI from Social Media

These successful marketers are enthusiastic about social media – almost half can tie social to their company’s primary revenue source. That’s about three times the level from last year’s survey. Seventy-five percent say they can put an ROI number on social media. These marketers are quick to respond to customer comments on their own social media; they also like social as an opportunity to listen in on customer chatter elsewhere.

Learn more: A Cheat Sheet to Social Media Platforms for Your Business

#7 They Advertise on Social Media

Probably recognizing the increasing difficulty for brands to break though in free social media, 80% of the marketers say they will up their social ad spend. They rank it on a par with or slightly better than online display, banner or video ads.

Learn more: Social Media Advertising: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

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