6 Ways to Encourage Customers to Return After the HolidaysThe holidays may be a boon to local businesses but make sure you capitalize on the time following the holidays as well. Many shoppers will have received gift cards and they have time off. Not everyone will be watching football. So here are 6 tips to consider:

1.  Customers are looking for a bargain. So give them at least one major bargain that will draw them to your store after the holidays.

2.  Advertise your after-Christmas sales before Christmas.

3.  Consider giving out coupons during the holiday season that can only be used after Dec. 25.

4.  Highlight any products related to weight loss or getting organized, both popular New Year’s resolutions. If you’re already in that industry, offer a discount. A gym could waive the sign-up fee for the month of January or offer the first month free — however, make sure new customers pay upfront for the second month.

5.  Consider how the post-holiday period and the new year could benefit your business and then use social media to help you promote that angle. If you’re a dentist, post something to this effect on your Facebook page: “Feel like your teeth are coated in sugar after the holiday season? Set up an appointment at our office at [include phone number], and we’ll help you prevent cavities!”

6.  Collect e-mail addresses during the holiday season, but be clear about how your customers will benefit from giving you their email info. You can alert them to sales — maybe send a printable coupon immediately after the holidays — and invite them to in-store events. If you have time for an e-newsletter and your customers are interested, that’s also an option.

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