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6 Ways Businesses are Using QR Codes to Win

By | 10.30.12
6 Ways Businesses are Using QR Codes to Win

QR CodesThe QR code is a hybrid creature. It’s a print object that links you to the digital world. And it’s had mixed success in business, primarily because of confusion over the best way to use it. Consumers are somewhat QR code blind because they’ve had so many “meh” experiences with scanning the mysterious blob. Tired of finding themselves looking at a hard sell advertising page or some non-mobile-friendly page, neither of which is a great experience, many consumers are ignoring them.

However here are 6 savvy ideas and winning ways with QR codes:

PrivatBank has upgraded its mobile payment app which now includes the ability to use QR codes to make contactless cash withdrawals or mobile payments from the bank’s ATMs. According to Aleksander Vityaz, Deputy Chairman of the Board, “Unlike NFC technology, contactless payments using a QR code do not require the application of special equipment and the purchase of additional cards or labels.” A camera-equipped smart phone and the bank’s app are all that’s needed.

Target recently announced that it would let consumers scan the mobile bar codes featured on several products in-store and buy the items via their smartphones. They are using mobile bar codes in-store to promote the season’s 20 most popular toys. By using the Target mobile app, consumers can scan the QR codes and buy the items.

McDonald’s is using QR codes to give customers access to nutrition info on their products. During the Olympics, they launched an intensive campaign of publishing QR codes printed on their cups and bags. Director of Marketing, Matt Biespiel said “Our goal was to find an easy way for customers to connect with our brand and learn about food.”

Moore Brothers Wine Company has begun printing QR codes on its wine labels to provide in-depth tasting notes on the European wines it distributes. Consumers can find out information about each winery, recommendations for food accompaniments, videos from wine producers and more.

The Meridien Linear Trails in Meridien CT are using QR codes to provide enhanced information to walkers and cyclists along the trails. There is a wealth of information that is impossible to display on the existing kiosk signage, so they have added the QR codes to provide the extra detail for those who want it. Similarly, walkers on the Buckwalter Greenway Trail in Bluffton, South Carolina will be able to access a guided tour to listen to by scanning the QR codes on that trail.

Love NZ has kicked off a six week campaign in New Zealand called “It’s a Karma Thing” to encourage Kiwis to recycle their drink and food containers into Love NZ recycling bins situated nationwide. There are QR codes on all of the public recycling bins and everyone who ‘does the right thing’ and recycles into the right public bin can register to win cool prizes in an online auction. If consumers scan the QR codes, they’ll get Karma Kredits which can be redeemed for awesome prizes.

As a bonus, here are a few things NOT to do with a QR code:

  • Don’t put it on your website.
  • Don’t put it in an email.
  • Don’t use a QR code in place of a simple (and easier) hyperlink.
  • Don’t link it to your static home page of your website.
  • Don’t link it to any web page, info or media that is NOT mobile-friendly.
  • Don’t publish your QR code in a place that can’t get a wi-fi signal. Like on a subway train.

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