6 Tips From Local Business Expert Barry MoltzWant to get your business unstuck? Entrepreneur and business expert Barry Moltz has many tips to help small-to-medium-size businesses with just that. Dex Media has been hosting a series of free events for business owners featuring Barry and local business leaders. For a taste of what you’ll learn at these forums, here are some tips Barry gave at the Chicago event (in bold) and other ideas on how to grow your business.

  1. When an attendee asked where should he begin with his social media efforts, Barry responded: Find where the conversations [about your business or industry] are happening, and get involved in those social media outlets. People may already be talking about your business on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Make that social medium a priority.
  2. When it comes to social media: Help people out. Don’t ask them for help. This is a common mistake made by business owners new to social media, Barry said. Don’t ask others to help promote your business until you have established a conversation or helped them out in some way.
  3. Don’t use social media as advertising. You’re creating a conversation. Social media isn’t the same as advertising. It should be about connecting with customers and clients.
  4.  Barry is against discounts for new customers because it devalues current customers. Everyone should feel valued equally.
  5. Leverage your expertise through blogs. Blogs are often looking for experts. Through blogs, you can reach a new audience.
  6. Negative reviews are a reality. You can balance them out by having a strategy to get positive information out about your small business. Negative reviews still exist even if you don’t read them. The best thing you can do is respond and spread positive information about your business.
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