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5 Great Small Business Blogs and Their Secret to Success

By | 07.21.14
5 Great Small Business Blogs and Their Secret to Success

Sometimes it’s easier to be inspired and get motivated when you see others succeeding at something you want to do. This is why we ask people who have lost weight how they did it. It’s why you want to know how one local business launches, catches fire and succeeds while another, similar business doesn’t.

Rather than write another blog post here about best practices for blogging, or how a blog can help your business, I’m spotlighting 5 great small business blogs that are doing it right. Take a look at how these local businesses have invested in their blog, identified their target audience, and are winning every day.

And scroll down to the bottom of this post to find out the SECRET!

Revolution Bike Shop

Ranking #1 in Google organic results for “bike shop solana beach”, this website and blog, which is less than a year old, is a great example of how to blog successfully. Fresh content is added regularly, and they’ve zeroed in on their target market.

Revolution Bike Shop

Tanner Insurance Agency, Inc.

Ranking first in Google for “insurance agency Madison NY” this website and blog is a clear winner. In a highly competitive industry, they understand that adding fresh, timely, relevant content to their website is a big part of their winning strategy.

Tanner Insurance Agency

Andrews Roofing Company

Ranking #4 in Google for “roofing company hampton roads va”, just below the BBB and yellow pages, Andrews Roofing Company is the first local business listed in Google’s organic search results. Although they don’t post as frequently as the examples above, all of their content is original and their archive goes back to 2012. They are consistent and they know their audience.

Andrews Roofing

Brooks Painting Inc.

This painting company’s website and blog rank #1 in Google’s search results for “painting company davis ca”. One of the things I love about their blog is the before/after photos. Perfect for a service business like this! Again, this business only posts a couple of times a month, but they’ve been doing it consistently for a long time (going back to 2009), all of their content is original, and they know their market.

Brooks Painting, Inc.

Aqualux Carpet Cleaning

Showing up 1st in Google’s search results for “carpet cleaning dallas” is a worthy accomplishment. Aqualux has over 180 original blog posts contributing to the “authority” of this site. I especially love how the site, though it’s in a competitive market, is modest and not overly optimized. It’s just good, solid information, clearly presented.

Aqualux Carpet Cleaning

SECRET REVEALED: Google rewards well-built websites that zero in on their topic and audience and present useful information on a regular basis. Period.

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  • I would like to get started with a blog…what do I do next?

    • Marion Jacobson

      Hi Jim!

      If your current web developer can help you add a blog to your existing website, that would be the place to start. I recommend using WordPress. Then it’s simply a matter of coming up with original content that you believe would be of interest to your target audience, and publishing as frequently as you have time.

      Here are some tips that might help. Good luck!

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