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5 Email Mistakes That Will Send You to the Spam Folder [Infographic]

5 Email Mistakes That Will Send You to the Spam Folder [Infographic]

By | 09.16.15
5 Email Mistakes That Will Send You to the Spam Folder [Infographic]

Email marketing is a viable tactic for promoting your business and staying in touch with your customers. As an email marketer, you’re making a good-faith effort to reach out to people and provide them with information they can use. Spamming, on the other hand, is the goateed evil twin of email marketing. It’s a numbers game, where unscrupulous marketers fling prodigious amounts of digital spam into the inboxes of unsuspecting people in the hopes that some small amount of it will stick.

The problem is that spam has become so prolific over the past decade that email service providers (and individual readers) are taking drastic steps to filter it out. And because of this, a lot of legitimate email ends up getting lost in the noise.

So what can you, as a small business owner, do to make sure your marketing emails don’t get caught in your customers’ spam filters?

The folks at TechnologyAdvice, a Nashville company that brings buyers and vendors together, have put together this infographic laying out five common mistakes that could get your email flagged as spam. Some interesting takeaways:

  • Proper email marketing is permission-based! It doesn’t matter how noble your intentions are. If you’re sending your marketing emails to people who haven’t opted to receive them, you’re spamming.
  • You need to provide your readers with a clear (and functional) way to remove themselves from your mailing list. It’s not just a decent thing to do… it’s the law.
  • Even if people have opted in to receive your emails, you still need to make sure that they’re engaged. You should periodically cull your list of people who frequently delete your emails without opening them.

As long as you’re sending “solicited, meaningful content,” you’ll probably avoid the spam filter goblins. Just make sure you avoid making any of the mistakes below, and then concentrate on making your content as useful, engaging, and awesome as you can.

5 of the Top Email Mistakes
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