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4 New Videos That Made Us Think…

4 New Videos That Made Us Think…

By | 04.19.16
4 New Videos That Made Us Think…

…about small business management, marketing, and life after work. Topics range from surviving in the high pressure world of Silicon Valley to building lasting traffic to your website to designing customer happiness. And puppies make an appearance.

“Why Don’t You Have a Succession Plan?” (On the Money News)

More than half of small business owners don’t have an exit plan, says financial adviser Caine Nakata, and many don’t even know the valuation of their businesses. Nakata gives advice on how to prepare a succession plan that will carry your business into the future, while securing your retirement.

“Everybody Who Takes Risks Fails” (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Strategic leadership is key in today’s small business world, and according to former Intel president Renee James, this includes taking risks and being willing to fail. According to James, to be an effective leader you must have a tolerance for failure, along with being able to see the long view in terms of direction, strategy, and daily operations. In this wide-ranging talk, James covers a lot of ground, from how to conduct meetings to how to succeed as a woman in Silicon Valley.

“Can You Design Happiness?” (Fast Company)

At the recent SXSW conference panel discussion “Designing Happiness”, experts on customer experience from Disney and other companies talked about the principles they work from: Happiness is more in the anticipation and memory than the experience; customers need a moment to escape the real world, and more. It was a fascinating talk — then puppies interrupted.  For details on the event, read the reports from Fast Company and design blog Taxi .

“Targeted Link Building in 2016: Whiteboard Friday” (

Nobody breaks down the mysteries of optimizing websites for search engines (SEO) as well as Rand Fishkin, with the neat whiteboard cartoons and simple explanations of his regular Whiteboard Friday talks. This week, Rand explains link-building, the most basic technique of driving traffic to your site, but one of the most difficult.  Follow along with the transcript.

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