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3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Website Now

3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Website Now

By | 07.07.14
3 Things You Can Do to Help Your Website Now

Help Your WebsiteThese are some easy and safe things that you can do – or have your web developer do for you – that will have a positive impact on your website short-term and long-term.

oneReview What You’ve Got

When was the last time anything new got added to your website? If the answer is anything other than “Today!” then you have a huge opportunity to make a difference.

Review the existing content on your site. Does each page have a separate and distinct purpose or are you basically repeating the same info on your home page, your “About” page and your “Services” page? Do you only have ONE page for services? Create a sub-page for every product/service you sell and make sure you fill each page with useful information for your target customer.

Take the time to rewrite, update, add to and improve the text content on every page. Then make sure you’ve got great images (photos, videos, graphics, charts) to capture attention and engage your visitors.

Google likes to crawl websites that regularly add fresh content. Updating a static (stale) website is a MUST. And to make sure you’re continually adding fresh content, why not consider a blog? If you already have a blog, KEEP WRITING. There is no louder way to tell Google that your site is old and useless than by letting your blog go dormant. Check out these ideas for blog content.


twoBe Findable

Have you claimed your business listing in the various online directories?

Have you set up your Google+ profile?

Did you know you don’t have to have a brick and mortar business in order to be included on Google+ Local (formerly Google Maps)?

Do you have your contact info on every page of your site? In text and not just in a graphic?


threeNetwork, Network, Network

  • Is your website address on your business cards? On all your ads? On your invoices, receipts, proposals, signage etc?
  • When you participate in business conferences and events, community events, charitable activities and sponsorships, do you include your web address and do you have a page on your website for every one of these activities? Add these pages and ask these venues to link to the appropriate page on your website.
  • Promote the partners you do business with by linking to them from your website and ask them to also link to you. For every organization you belong to and every directory you are listed in, be sure your website address is included.
  • If you have social media profiles for your business, are you keeping active with them? Are you interacting with all customer (or potential customer) questions, complaints, comments, etc? Do you have a comment/question form on your own site that people can use to direct questions to you? Promote that form on social media so people can take their questions and complaints directly to you.
  • If you have licenses, certifications or other accomplishments, you should list them on your site and see if the organizations that grant these licenses and certificates will link to the appropriate page on your site.
  • Learn more about safe, organic linkbuilding.
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