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13 Tips for Better Search Ranking [Infographic]

13 Tips for Better Search Ranking [Infographic]

By | 03.03.16
13 Tips for Better Search Ranking [Infographic]

Website development and management firm Hale Associations created this handy cheat sheet of 13 “ranking factors” for 2016, in other words “stuff you should do for your website to look good for Google”. While the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) remain the same through the years (mainly good, relevant content on the page), the details do change from year to year. For instance, #6, page loading speed: Google wants your site to go faster and faster, for the sake of viewing on mobile phones (talk to your webmaster about that). And #7 “One Page, One Main Keyword”: Old lessons die hard, but know that the days of stuffing keywords on a page are over.

SEO Ranking Factors for 2016 by Hale Associations
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