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13 Tips From Dex Media Las Vegas Local Leaders Forum

13 Tips From Dex Media Las Vegas Local Leaders Forum

By | 03.02.12
13 Tips From Dex Media Las Vegas Local Leaders Forum

13 Tips From Dex Las Vegas Local Leaders Forum We’ve already given you small business expert Barry Moltz’s tips from our Las Vegas Local Leaders Forum on how to unstick your business. Now comes tips from the local leaders. The leaders on the panel included:

And here’s some of the advice they offered participants:

  1. Online reviews for your business is a real key. Word of mouth is the best advertising ever. — Dave Olesczuk
  2. Find your chamber. Know what you are after. Guard your time. Pick your events widely.” — Scott Muelrath
  3. Topical networking is an option other than social media for meeting people. Purchase local!” — Lu Torres
  4. “You HAVE to be online. That is where people are looking for you. Dex does have a way to help.” — Dave Olesczuk
  5. In response to a questions about Pinterest, Michelle Kruczunski recommended pin others’ content more than your own.
  6. For a really egregious negative review, contact the company, such as Twitter or Yelp, and ask for it to be taken down. — Michelle Kruczunski
  7. Some platforms seem to have more negativity than others. TripAdvisor, for example. Yelp regulates better. — Michelle Kruczunski
  8. Plan for growth. Being in the room with other small businesses is how you find business. — Scott Muelrath
  9. “Try one thing new when it comes to marketing. It’s easier now than ever to connect with your customers.” — Michelle Kruczunski
  10. You can advertise in so many different places that it can be overwhelming.  There are companies that can manage that for you. Dex Media is one of them. — Dave Olesczuk
  11. Social media is about building relationships. It will help you find people.” But it’s not a place to focus on sales — focus on conversations and relationships instead. — Michelle Kruczynski
  12. MeetUp is another social media tool to find worthwhile groups. — Scott Muelrath
  13. “Sometimes we are uncertain about the www. Bring it hyperlocal. Government is actually here to help you succeed, not to block you. You need assistance. You need advocacy. We are here for you.” — Elizabeth Daniels
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