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10 Hidden Gems from Google to Improve Your Website [Infographic]

10 Hidden Gems from Google to Improve Your Website [Infographic]

By | 11.03.14
10 Hidden Gems from Google to Improve Your Website [Infographic]

It’s always helpful to know what Google looks for when they rate websites, since Google is, well, Google. So whenever some “insider” info leaks, it is worth our serious consideration. Here are 10 EASY things that every business can understand and implement on their own website.

  1. Make sure your content is written by experts.
  2. Update old content that has become outdated.
  3. Cite, reference and link to other expert sources in your content.
  4. Encourage customers to leave positive reviews on Google+, Yelp, and other review sites.
  5. Pay attention to the little details of your pages.
  6. Publish quality content frequently.
  7. Display your contact information and customer service info.
  8. Enforce proper grammar standards.
  9. Prioritize user-friendly website design.
  10. Enforce editorial standards across the entire website.

These points are illustrated in detail in the infographic below from the folks at AudienceBloom, based on an article by Jayson DeMers, published earlier this year:

10 Hidden Gems from Google’s Leaked Quality Rater Guidelines [INFOGRAPHIC]

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