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10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Social Presence Now

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Social Presence Now

By | 02.20.15
10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Social Presence Now

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Social Presence NOWYou know the old saying, “If you build it, they will come”? (Yes, from Field of Dreams.)

It absolutely does not apply to social media.

If you create a social profile, your next task is to let people know you exist because in all honesty, most won’t go out there and search for you.

This post was written with new social profiles in mind; however, these tips are useful to anyone wanting to optimize their social presence.

Here are 10 tasks you should undertake to inform others of your social presence:

  1. Place buttons linking to your social presence on ALL pages of your website and blog, preferably in a place where no scrolling is required to see them.
  2. Place buttons on blog posts encouraging readers to share/like/pin your post. Be sure that your Twitter tweet button autofills with your Twitter handle.
  3. Write a blog post introducing your new social presence. Point-blank request followers. (You’ve got to get to the point in the social world. Say what you want.)
  4. Announce on social platforms where you already have a presence that you have a new profile and link to it. Again, request folks follow you.
  5. Seek out friends/colleagues who already have a strong presence on the social platform. Say hello. Their interaction with you will increase your visibility.
  6. Announce your new social presence in your e-newsletter.
  7. Include buttons to all your social presences in your e-newsletter. These should always appear in each newsletter.
  8. Include your social buttons in your email signature.
  9. Post a sign at your office/store/etc. with your social profile name. Leave it up.
  10. Link to your social platforms anywhere you have a digital presence and are able, like on DexKnows. If there isn’t a way to link a button, consider including a url, like we did here when we included a Facebook link on our Superpages Twitter profile.

Please share your own tips as well!

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