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Drive sales and build customer loyalty

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Combine Shopify’s powerful e-commerce platform with Thryv’s robust CRM to gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior. From order history to browsing behavior, Thryv collects all the data you need to personalize your marketing and create targeted campaigns that drive sales. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, Thryv's Shopify integration has got you covered.

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Unlock the Power of Your Customer Data

Use insights to create exceptional customer experiences and growth.

One central data view.

  • Shopify account required.
  • Manage customer data and sales orders in one place.
  • Access customer data and provide personalized experiences that keep them coming back.

Easy processes.

  • Automate many of your manual processes, such as order requests and customer communications.
  • Stay on top of customer payments and track what’s pending, overdue and paid.
  • Use these insights to drive personalized marketing directly from your Thryv dashboard.

Data and Permissions

Data sharing details

How it works.

  • Shopify Contacts require either phone or email to sync to Thryv. Shopify payments also require a phone or email to sync to Thryv.
  • Initial sync includes all existing customers and payments, then new customers and payments going forward. Only fully paid orders are sent to Thryv.
  • This is a one-way sync from Shopify to Thryv. Thryv clients and payments do not sync to Shopify. View installation guide (click here ) for more details.

Free Integration


Unlimited users

Ideal for

Customers who have a Shopify account.

Gain Customer Insights

Sync customer and order data in real-time, creating a centralized view of your customer behavior and history. Easily identify trends and patterns in buying behavior and create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized shopping experiences.

Create Consistent Workflows

Save time by automating your manual processes, such as order fulfillment and customer communication. Deliver a consistent and timely experience, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Track Sales Performance

Monitor key metrics such as sales, revenue and customer engagement across your Shopify store so you can make informed marketing and business strategies.

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