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Market to your customers with confidence

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If you're using Constant Contact to capture leads, share updates, or drive traffic, Thryv's integration will help you stay connected with customers to deliver a seamless client experience with every email, web, or marketing activity. Automatically sync customer data from your Thryv CRM to Constant Contact so you can market to customers with confidence, knowing you always have one true source of real-time contact information.

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Data Made Easy

Manage your customer information and keep it up-to-date with Thryv.

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Simplify data management.

  • Constant Contact account required.
  • Eliminate manual updates of your contact information with automatic syncing.
  • Reduce errors or outdated information in your CRM with recurring, regular syncs.

Nurture your relationships.

  • Confidently deliver real-time email messaging.
  • Create personalized communications and reminders so you stay top of mind with messages that resonate with customers.
  • Capture each contact’s birthday in Thryv’s CRM, which syncs with Constant Contact, so you never miss a chance to wish your customers a Happy Birthday.

Data and Permissions

Data sharing details

How it works.

  • Choose from an expansive list of customer contact data, including custom fields, to share between the applications. Whether choosing a one-time sync or ongoing sync, the end result will be a robust customer contact card for communications and much more.
  • View installation guide (click here ) for more details.

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Ideal for

Those who use Constant Contact.

  • Requires a Constant Contact Account

Connect Contacts With Ease

Sync your Constant Contact customer information into your Thryv CRM so you can save time and improve the accuracy of your marketing messages.

Build Stronger Relationships

Nurture your customer relationships through personalized marketing and communications, improving their overall satisfaction with your business.

Increase Long-Term Revenue

Providing a seamless client experience helps you retain customers, build loyalty and increase revenue for the long haul.

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